At United Eye Centers we are committed to offering the best options for corrective vision. Our physicians are recognized as leaders in the medical community by 5280 Magazine and other medical professionals in the Denver Metro area. We offer a convenient and compassionate staff ready to serve our patients.

Why Us?

Dr. Conahan Is One of Denver’s Top Eye Doctors

  • Dr. Conahan was voted one of Denver’s Top Ophthalmologists by his peers in medicine in 5280 Magazine.

  • He is committed to the community, has been practicing in the Denver Metro area since 1992 and will be here for years to come.

  • He believes in complete eye health for each patient. He is not a doctor wanting to just “sell” surgery, but to improve the quality of each patient’s life.

  • He willingly shares his outcome data with any patient wishing to view it.

  • He personally double-checks each patient’s individual data for stability prior to each procedure.

  • UEC is conveniently and centrally located.

  • On the day of surgery, UEC offers free valet parking at the medical center.

  • UEC and Dr. Conahan are available to the patient if there is a complication or emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

UEC Offers a Variety of Services

  • Laser Vision Correction

  • Routine Eye Exams

  • Contact Lens Exams

  • Cataract Surgery

  • Dry Eye Treatment

  • Diabetes and Glaucoma Care

  • Full Service Optical

  • Cosmetic Botox

UEC Has an Outstanding Staff

  • Dr. Conahan has a dedicated, professional, thoroughly-trained and certified staff. They are able to answer all of your questions and will help each patient achieve his or her personal best vision.

  • Dr. Conahan’s staff reviews each patient’s individual records and data, along with the surgeon, prior to each procedure.

UEC Is Open and Forthright with Its Patients

  • There are never any hidden charges. All preoperative and postoperative visits are included in the cost of a procedure.

  • The financing plan offered by UEC is patient-friendly, clear, and easy to understand.

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