By partnering with CareCredit, United Eye Centers has now made financing your vision-correction procedure even easier.

When to Have LASIK Should Be the Question, Not How to Pay for It.

CareCredit makes that decision even easier by offering a credit card designed specifically for your healthcare needs. With CareCredit, you get No Interest financing, no up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties, and no annual fees (see for details). That means you don’t have to waste time saving up to finally get the vision you’ve always wanted. By letting you start your procedure now and pay for it over time, CareCredit helps you see clearer, sooner.

CareCredit Financing Features:

  • Quick and Easy Options to apply

  • 0% Financing or $200 cash back

Like a Credit Card

United Eye Centers Financing

CareCredit works just like a credit card, but is exclusive for healthcare services. And, it’s better because you get No Interest financing or low monthly payments every time you use it. You can use your card over and over for follow-up appointments or different procedures. This means you don’t have to put off improving your vision until you save up enough money. We give you the power to decide when it’s the right time for you.


Simply choose your doctor or procedure, apply online for your instant approval and then setup your LASIK appointment. You’ll be seeing clear in no time.

Applying for Financing

Call 1 (800) 365-8295 or visit or ask your doctor's staff for an application.